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 Concerning old sprites (Old?)

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The Rsim


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PostSubject: Concerning old sprites (Old?)   Wed May 28, 2008 9:51 pm

Dobermann did not make the sprites, save for the Covenant turret. I repeat, Dobermann did not make these sprites.

It was made by Chainsaw, who used to lead Halo Blood Covenant, which he has left.

Now, how do I know this? Well, let me explain.

My name is Rsim, formally known as Giga Sonic. A while back, I was apart of the Halo Zero forums. Currently, it is known as the Veteran Lounge, because Dobermann left it and created Dobermann Software, which is also abandoned for Hazardous Software. Now, the members of the forum knew well of it, because, well, it was borrowed from it, and we had a pinned topic for it. As of now, HBC is dead. We know not of it's future, but we do know that Dobermann did not create the sprites, and we're kinda peeved everyone thinks that Dobermann made them.

Now, they released the sprites when it was alive, and said you could not use them in games. Dobermann, I don't know how, received special permission to use these in it his game. But, since it's dead, I don't know if that license still stands.

Now, I think you guys changed yours to Inner Raygs sprites. I'm not sure... But, just letting you know, Dobermann didn't make these. It's got alot of us PO'd.

Here's a link to enlighten a tad...

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Concerning old sprites (Old?)
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