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 Welcome - Level design - Posting Layout

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PostSubject: Welcome - Level design - Posting Layout   Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:31 pm

Welcome Halo-rev fans and members,
This is the level design forum, where you can talk and discuss about level design.
(Pro's, Con's, What you would like us to add, etc...)
In this forum, you may very well post your own home-made levels.

The template (for copy and pasting)
    Name :
    Filesize :
    Download :
    Halo Revolution Version :
    Objectives :
    Difficulty :
    Screen Shots :
    Further Description :

How you should post for these headings;
    Name: <Level Name>
    Filesize; <File Size>
    Download : <Download Link>
    Halo Revolution Version : <Version used to create your map>
    Objectives : (Optional) <Mission objectives>
    Difficulty : <Difficuly level>
    Screen Shots : (Optional) <Links to screenies>
    Further Description : (Optional) <Further Description>

This is quite a simple topic and there isn't much more to say about this,
So enjoy!

Here is an example:
    Name : Basic Map
    Filesize : 15.1kb
    Download : DOWNLOAD
    Halo Revolution Version : Pre Beta 5
    Objectives : Kill every last covenant enemy
    Difficulty : Easy
    Screen Shots : None
    Further Description : This is a very basic map and this post was made to show you how to post your own maps.

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Welcome - Level design - Posting Layout
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