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 Music / Sounds - Please Contribute (Music, Sounds, Ideas)

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PostSubject: Music / Sounds - Please Contribute (Music, Sounds, Ideas)   Sun Mar 02, 2008 10:00 am

Welcome Halo-rev fans,

Here you can contribute all of your Halo Music/Sounds that you have made or ripped for Halo Revolution. Please DO NOT steal any music or sounds that are put on this thread, as anything posted here will belong to Halo Revolution, AND the person who made them. I will not be posting the music that I make. Your music and sounds can be;
  • Music written in the style of Halo
  • Music ideas for me to use in my music for halo (please send the score or an image of the score in this case)
  • Sounds effects made by you, (or ripped if requested).
  • Relevant ideas for me or others to attempt
  • Anything else you deem to be relevant

If you post the score i have Sibelius (.sib) and Guitar Pro (.gp3/4/5 and .ptb). MIDIs are fine as i can import them to either program.


James Wheeler

James - Graphics And Music

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Music / Sounds - Please Contribute (Music, Sounds, Ideas)
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