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 Known Glitches (Please Check Before Posting)

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PostSubject: Known Glitches (Please Check Before Posting)   Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:02 pm

Please read all of these before posting a bug/error/glitch. The bugs/errors/glitches which have been fixed will have a * next to them.

Known Bugs/Errors/Glitches
* Any error regarding an enemy alarm 0, step event ect. Enemies are being reprogrammed from scratch, these errors will be gone.
* Collision bugs for vehicles/objects.
* Errors while on the back of the mongoose, or having an allie/marine on the back and shooting.
* Clicking a 'Blank' spot in the login system allows you to play as a default profile with no name and it doesn't save data
* The vehicles can get one wheel on the ground and the other off the edge, which allows you to drive along half in the ground



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Known Glitches (Please Check Before Posting)
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