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 Halo Revolution Map Packs Information

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PostSubject: Halo Revolution Map Packs Information   Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:10 pm

Halo Revolution will soon have a fully working FORGE mode, where you can create your own maps, with amazing battles and gameplay scenes, containing any object that you will see in Halo Revolution while playing it as you create it. It's a map editor where you're able to play as you create scenary and life around you. You will be able to export your maps, or import other people's maps from all around the world, then play and edit them as you like.

You will find people's maps from all of the world in the Level Design topic, but this topic will contain proffesional and fun maps, created by the Halo Revolution team. You will be able to download Map Packs containing more then one map, to guarantee you fun Smile

Although this feature is not yet available, that's just some information to let you know what this topic is about.


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Halo Revolution Map Packs Information
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